Laptop Repairs

The first stage in any repair is an assessment to decide whether you need to bring/send the machine to us, or whether you can resolve the problem yourself. A phone call is all it takes and our helpful technicians are available 9 till 5.30 Monday to Saturday. So give us a call on 01227 793000. Alternatively e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sending laptops in for repair
If your machine requires repair you will need to bring it or send it to us for an evaluation and estimate. If you are sending it we require you to print and complete our Repair Authorisation Form, which contains instructions and advice. Then send it with your machine to us at:
Cobios Limited
43 Chestfield Road,
Many of our customers use

Our fully equipped workshop is stocked with a wide range of components which means that all repairs are carried out in the shop and we endeavour to get your pc or laptop repaired within 2-3 working days. In practice most of our PC repairs are carried out same day or next day. Laptop repairs can take a little longer due to the intricate nature of the work involved and the availability of spare parts.

DC Sockets
The most common problem with laptops seems to occur with the power/charger socket. This is very prone to being knocked and damaged causing the socket to become loose or detached from the mainboard. The end result is that the power supply becomes intermittent or none at all. Most high-street retailers will tell you that the laptop is not worth repairing as manufacturers tend to opt for replacing the entire mainboard which can be extremely expensive. At best they would send the laptop away for repair which could take several weeks.
Here at Cobios Limited we stock a range of DC sockets for most makes of laptops and perform the repairs in the shop.

Why choose us?

  • We replace the faulty DC socket instead of replacing the entire mainboard
  • Most DC sockets are kept in stock
  • Fast turnaround
  • Price agreed with you before we start any work
  • All repairs carried out on site
  • Repair work guaranteed for 3 months

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